Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making a difference

Can you change the world with a job like advertising? Some naysayers may say that advertising "doesn't really matter" but I beg to differ.

Amy and I came up with the concept of having a live turkey promote Albuquerque's new turkey sandwich (don't ask). We thought it was funny but even funnier when our client said yes. Next thing we know, we are looking far and wide to find a turkey wrangler with a tame turkey. We posted an ad on craigslist, called the zoo, tried to track down that one lady in Tooele that always drives around with a turkey in her car. No luck. And then we found Billy Joe Bob.

Billy Joe Bob on our New Mexico set.

Amy making friends.

The crew.

The best part: Billy Joe Bob's handler said that since Billy was a star and got paid for the shoot, she might not kill him.

The moral of the story?

I saved a life today. I saved a life.


Kellie said...

You are a miracle worker! Great story - if only my job were that fulfilling.

EMILY said...

Yes you did. Yes you did. And we thank you for that.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

You may have saved a turkey...but maybe some poor family out there will be having bologne for Thanksgiving this year. Which is the bigger travesty Kristin? WHICH?

Monica said...

You did a wonderful deed there...way to go girl!! Amy made me laugh in the background of the one can tell she was not too sure of the situation....too funny!!

SDNA said...

May you be forever remembered by poultry lovers everywhere!

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Your blog is the best part of my day.

kelly said...

love it!