Monday, June 30, 2008


More than once I've referred to modeling with statements like, "We focused more on accounting, they had another group doing the modeling" or "I should probably take a modeling class to brush up" and was met with awkward silence followed by an abrupt conversation change. In most cases I'd realize the error and explain that I was talking about financial modeling.

If I've learned anything from these conversations it's that many of my friends don't want to see me succeed as a model. Well that all changed a few months ago when Zachary asked me to pose for a painting. My modeling career is officially on. Here is the result. Nice work Zac.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am now officially an adult

As some of you know, I recently joined a book club. This has plunged me into the world of real adulthood and I have to say I am loving it. My friend, Kellie, moved back to Utah a couple of months ago and organized this whole thing. Which leads us to our next point. The name of our Book Club:

The Kellie Bacon Book Club

Books we have read:
East of Eden (now one of my top 5 favorite books)
Everything is Illuminated (Foer's writing blows my mind)
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (beautiful)
Molokai (Good. I have read two books in the past year on leprosy. What's up with that?)
Firefly Lane (Lame, but hey, we needed to lighten things up a bit)

Books we will read:
The Book Thief
Team of Rivals

Although the books are amazing, my favorite part of the the book club is the girls: Amy, Heather, Andy, Alix, Monica, Kellie, Sherrelyn, Erin, Camille, Jamie, Jill.... and Holly (our newest member.)

Married: 11
Single: 2
Kids: 8
Working: 7
Hypochondriacs: 2

A fly on the wall watching our book club might just hear these lines:

"Molesters should commit suicide."
"I have AIDS."
"Don't say my baby is cute. Look at him. He's not."
"That rape was not hard core enough."
Oh yeah, and us talking about books.

My book club is the best.

Be A Decent Human Being

Here are some pictures of the cards that Amy and I did for our friend, Eva, who owns Sycamore Street Press. Thanks all who went out to the Renegade Fair!

I expect a thank you note for this thank you note.

Great job on that thing you did. Really super.

Happy birthday to the nephew who's turning 37. (Or whoever you are.)

Happy Birthday, _________.*
*When it's someone else's birthday, just erase your name and pass it on.

Spoiler alert. Someone got you a toaster.

Bag with the logo I designed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh, barf

You want to know what sucks? Lying on the floor in your bathroom at 5 am using a towel for a pillow. And then having to go to work.

I have had the flu for the past 2 days and am pretty grumpy about it. I am feeling better today, but unfortunately, I have passed on the love to Craig. Sorry, babe. I feel your pain.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Renegade Craft Fair

Amy and I did a line of funny greeting cards called "Be A Decent Human Being" for my friend Eva, of Sycamore Street Press. Amy did all the writing and I did the design. (Pics to come soon.)

Sycamore Street Press is going to have a booth at the Brooklyn Renegade Fair, so you can go there and check our stuff out as well as all of Eva's work. She is amazingly talented, so you won't be disappointed. (If you don't believe me, check her out here.) She letterpresses beautiful hand-drawn and hand-lettered cards. I mean, I really wish I could so what she does!

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair
June 14 and 15th
11 am- & pm
McCarren Park Pool

Monday, June 2, 2008

Zions/St. George

We had a great trip with Jon, Amy, Emily, Tim, and Claire this weekend. Unfortunately for us our camera battery was dead so we were reduced to taking photos with my blackberry. Surprisingly they don't look that bad.

The golf was amazing. Tim finagled a discount at The Ledges and although no one at the course confirmed it, I may have set a new course record for highest score.

We were a little late coming back from golfing, and because we hadn't been getting cell phone service, we weren't able to call until we were back in St. George. Apparently the girls were complaining a little about our being late for babysitting duty (didn't Claire deserve a pedicure too?), and one of the classier nail girls picked up on it. She explained to our wives that:

A: We were clearly lying about not getting cell service, and

B: Her man knew how to treat a woman. He was always knowing which flavor of Monster Energy drink to surprise her with, and as the girls were getting their nails done he even brought her a diet Pepsi being held by a stuffed koala. Touche'.

Claire still feeling a little angry she didn't get her nails done.

Pre-hike planning meeting prior to hiking Emerald Gardens

"Beautiful" Emerald Pools (I'm not great on colors but is that Emerald?).

Kristin who as many of you know is afraid of heights, made it up Angel's Landing along with Amy and I (and in record time). She got a little nervous but really pushed through it. The hike climbs 1500 ft over 2.5 miles and gets pretty airy toward the end where you have to hold on to chains. She was pretty excited to have made it to the top. I was proud of her.

On top we met a young couple from Germany (not pictured). They told us all about their trip to Vegas. Kristin taught them the word skanky as they were trying to describe some girls they saw at a club. That's my little diplomat.

Lodging: $150

Park Admission: $25

Having your zipper down in your "top of the mountain photograph" on top of Angel's Landing: priceless.