Friday, July 25, 2008


This week has brought about quite a few changes in my life.

1. Our TIVO is officially up and running.
(I know we keep talking about that, but it's a big deal. I now have a season pass for: So You Think You Can Dance, The Office, Ellen, Oprah and Hopkins. Obviously, Craig didn't get much of a say. I can't wait till fall TV season....)

2. I have internet at home
(And yes, I know it is 2008.)

3. I bought my very first iMac.

4. I now "office" in 2 cities.
(I accepted an new job in Phoenix, but mainly I will be working remotely. What does that mean? Instead of being a bi-city exec who wears pants suits and pantyhose, I get to wear sweat pants. Brilliant.)

5. I cried watching a teen drama
(Friday Night Lights, man. It's really good and really sad.)

6. I hated So You Think You Can Dance
(There was no WAY Will deserved to be voted off. I was super pissed, to say the least.)

7. I got tired of Ikea.
(Even for an avid shopper like me, I was tired walking around in that maze asking myself, "Should we go with the metal or the birch?")

I'm really mixing things up. At the rate I'm going, next week I'll have a ying-yang tattoo, convert to Judaism and have a baby.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye


As some of you know I've been forcing Kristin to record her favorite shows via VCR this past year. I bought our outdated little friend on Craig's list for $10, and in addition to saving us money, I think having it has been a character building experience for Kristin. She really feels like she's been driving around town in a horse and buggy the last year.

Well, Kristin's repeated pleas along with the Wimbledon Final debacle of '08 have given the Tivo movement traction. Our Tivo should be in a full swing by next Wed.

I'm torn on the future of our VCR. I feel guilty needlessly adding it to the land fill, but what am I supposed to do, list it on Craig's list for $5? I'm definitely not willing to drive it anywhere.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th!

This year, Craig and I went up to his parents' house for the 4th. This is the view from their front porch. I mean, really? That's what I said when I got there.

When some parents have all their kids out of the house, they get lonely. Not Gary and Mignon. Can you blame them? The moose keep them company.

Below is what we in Mills family like to call a pickle pancake. Yum yum (Kaden said he loved pickles on anything so Craig attempted to call his bluff. Ivan added the two blueberries for good measure).

Kaden wasn't afraid of taming this beast.

Gretchen and her new baby, Cooper.

Sunny and her new baby, Lincoln. These babies are the cutest.

Here are all the nieces and nephews on the Brighton parade float (which may or may not have been blasting Neil Diamond's "Coming to America.").

I guess Felicity was too cool for the hat. Clever girl.

As usual, we had a great time up the canyon. Thanks Gary and Mignon for a great 4th!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Go Rafa!

Our favorite Spaniard pulled it off yesterday after two rain delays and in the longest Wimbledon final in recent history (notice it's dark in the photo). I don't know if anyone else watched this match but we we're exhausted afterwards.

*** Kristin here. Craig failed to mention one very important point of the match. Imagine: The biggest final in a long time. Nadal and Federer each have 2 sets. It's 3 all in the 5th set and then... black. Why does our TV go black? Because we are living in 1987 and our VCR tape ends. I was hating my life. Damn that rain delay. But don't worry, two good things came out of it: One, Craig's sister Melissa bailed us out because she had the rest of the match recorded and two, we ARE getting TIVO. Case closed.

Craig again: Don't bad talk 1987. '87 brought us Robocop, Three Men and a Baby, Michael Jackson's "Bad", and the emergence of acid washed jeans.