Monday, May 11, 2009


Sorry, my posts have been lacking as of late. I've been working until 2 in the morning every night (even Saturdays and Sundays), posting when I have the energy on mostlyhappenchance and you know, just trying to survive. I promise when I get back from the show, I will try and post once more.

Some fun stuff:

1. We got our couch back and it looks amazing. Who knew our 20-year-old Mario flower couch could look so good? Our house is beginning to have the semblance of something real. I'll post pics soon.

2. In my "spare time," here are some wedding invites I've designed. Eva, who hand-drew many of the beautiful details did an amazing job printing them. She is so talented and a huge part of my inspiration to go the the National Stationery Show. If all goes well, thanks, Eva. If it's a total bust, thanks for nothing. :)

3. I leave for New York in 3 days!!! I will be posting here everyday about our adventures on my work blog. Hopefully, we'll have some good news to report. Cross your fingers for me!