Friday, July 25, 2008


This week has brought about quite a few changes in my life.

1. Our TIVO is officially up and running.
(I know we keep talking about that, but it's a big deal. I now have a season pass for: So You Think You Can Dance, The Office, Ellen, Oprah and Hopkins. Obviously, Craig didn't get much of a say. I can't wait till fall TV season....)

2. I have internet at home
(And yes, I know it is 2008.)

3. I bought my very first iMac.

4. I now "office" in 2 cities.
(I accepted an new job in Phoenix, but mainly I will be working remotely. What does that mean? Instead of being a bi-city exec who wears pants suits and pantyhose, I get to wear sweat pants. Brilliant.)

5. I cried watching a teen drama
(Friday Night Lights, man. It's really good and really sad.)

6. I hated So You Think You Can Dance
(There was no WAY Will deserved to be voted off. I was super pissed, to say the least.)

7. I got tired of Ikea.
(Even for an avid shopper like me, I was tired walking around in that maze asking myself, "Should we go with the metal or the birch?")

I'm really mixing things up. At the rate I'm going, next week I'll have a ying-yang tattoo, convert to Judaism and have a baby.


WinnFamily said...

I understand your excitement about little things like TiVo and internet. We got internet and high def tv a few months ago at the same time, and it was the highlight of the month!

Eva said...

ooh! ooh! the ying yang tattoo, please?

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

DO NOT be a Jew. Seriously - no pork and bacon! Unless you are one of the fake NY Jews.

The Girls said...

Sound like the GREATEST week EVER! Super congrats on the new job!

The Girls said...

ohhh sorry, this is monica...I was logged onto the book club blog...I'm a dork!

EMILY said...

Congrats on the job, you will have to tell me all about your half day at TSG.

I love Friday Night Lights and I have a little kindergarten crush on Tim Riggins.

Please have a baby. Claire needs a friend.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Will getting voted off the show is so F'd up. For real.

Craig said...

I won't hear any criticism of ying/yang tattoos. We'll see who's laughing when the 90's come back in style.

Eva said...

true, craig. i still have my flower pattern 8 hole doc martens. i'm sure i'll be able to start wearing them soon. i even bought new laces for them... no joke!

Andy said...

We need to start watching our show together again. The highs just aren't as high and lows aren't as low when I'm not watching it with you guys.

Heather Anderson said...

sounds like all good changes and the baby thing would be good too...we sure had fun with you guys at the beach!