Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 50th, Mom!

Last Saturday, my mom turned 50. So my family all knew we had to make this one good. We had a lot of stuff up our sleeve. First, I flew to CA for the weekend to be with my mom (in my opinion, the best present that she got.)

Next, we threw a big family party for her. Everyone who was anyone was there.

Grandma and Grandpa Blake came from Villa Park.

Grandma and Grandpa Robbins came from Palm Desert.

Heather and Matt came from Riverside. (Who knows where my fake baby came from.)

Tyler and Ashley came from Echo Park.

My dad even flew all the way from Boston. Very impressive.

Jordan came from his bedroom upstairs. Not as impressive.

(Kelly and Cameron came too but convienently avoided photos so they wouldn't be exploited on the blog.)

I made a delicious dinner with the help of Ashley and Jordan. (Thanks guys!) We had Thai-style halibut in coconut curry, wasabi mashed potatoes, citrus ginger scallops, sesame green beans, Asian salad, fortune cookies and homemade carrot cake compliments of Grandma Robbins.

(I know some people wanted the recipes, so the only thing I changed was instead of using 4 parts chicken broth, one part light coconut milk for the fish, I used 4 parts full-fat coconut milk, one part chicken broth. It made it really creamy and delicious.)

Next, we opened presents. To surprise my mom, I had everyone write her a letter and I put it together in a book. I printed the pages on Crane's paper, made the cover from hand-made Japanese paper, french-folded the pages and sewed it up the side with white thread.

Then, we watched a slide show that Jordan put together with great pics like these and Tyler remixed and sang "Stand By Me" to go behind the photos.

Then best of all, my dad revealed the biggest trick he had up his sleeve.

I thought that only happened on Lexus commercials. Turns out, if you're the best wife ever, it can happen to you for real. (Hint, hint Craig.)

We all had the best time ever. Thanks to all who came. Happy birthday, Mom!


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Is that the Honda Pilot? My dad got my mom one of those for Christmas!

Perry = stud muffin.

Gretchen said...

So, Craig, looks like you aren't as important as one might have thought, since you didn't make the trip. Kris, the book looks really good fromt he pictures. Looks like it was a really fun weekend.

Kellie said...

what a great party! The halibut looks amazing. I wish I had the creativity you have in your pinkie finger - your gift was priceless.

SDNA said...

Everyone who's anyone was there??? Surely you jest!

(Remember me, your beloved Aunt Sue?)


PS. Looks like it was VERY cool, Kristin. I'm sorry I missed it all.

Ms. Read said...

I love your Mom. I'm glad you all did this for her. Happy Birthday. Can you believe Brighton leaves in 6 days for Thailand?

Craig said...

Ya all the sudden Sue and I are chopped liver? Come on. That's not getting you any closer to a gift car.

Kristin said...

That's what you both get for not anteing up for the ticket. If you really loved her.....


And thanks everyone for the compliments on the book. You are all so nice. I wish my clients were as easy going as you all. :)

Chelsea H. Taylor said...

remember when i still haven't seen your mama and i've been here for months? i lose. she is the best.

perry said...

So the Mom birthday was a flat out Hit, with stars...Nikki of course, and me playing a cameo as usual, a great script, thanks everyone for their beautiful sentiments, (the book being amazingly handcrafted by kristin) superb visuals and musical score by jordan and tyler, and a surprising twist ending -me buying a Honda CRV online in Boston-I actually bought the car online, and picking it up in Thousand Oaks when kristin and I were supposedly buying groceries for the party. It was a heart warming story that I think the whole family enjoyed. Even the refreshments from Kristin's concession stand were yummy. We missed all of you, the little people, who couldn't make it, but that's ok, because your absence was barely noticed. Thanks to everyone and the academy but especially to Nikki for just being, well... Nikki. good night

Monica said...

hey, just wanted to say hi and tell you that I think you are so, so, sooooo talented! Loved the book you put together for your mom...that's a present she will never forget!! Book club was fun and can't wait till next time! Hope you don't mind a peeked at your blog! I just had to say hi, cause I didn't want to be a bluker!!

Eva Jorgensen said...

let me echo the compliments on your book. beautiful!

NBlake said...

It is really fun seeing all of these pictures. Thanks for a great day, Kristin, and everyone else who helped with all of the surprises. It was so fun to all be together.

Next time you come down we need to invite chelsea and whit over for some of your delicious food!

Hey, Craig,

I've got a red Land Rover for sale. :)