Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Haters to the Left

One of the first tennis matches Kristin and I watched together was James Blake's suprising defeat of Rafa Nadal in the third round of the 2005 US Open. It was all to easy to cheer for Blake and against Nadal. Blake was the American, he was on the come back trail, and Nadal had some problems:

1-Man-capris and a muscle shirt

2-Wedgie problems

3-He is continually messing with his socks (not pictured)

This match resulted in a year or two of heckling Nadal. But now with three years of tennis watching under my belt I've progressed in my views. What started as occasional cheering for Nadal in order to cheer against Federer, has transformed into fandom.

I won't be rocking the man capris anytime soon (don't worry Paul) but I have to say I really like Nadal. He is either a crazy nice guy or has everyone duped (respect- either way), and I like his chances of continuing his streak at the French Open and possibly winning Wimbledon. Plus his new muscle shirts are way looser.


paul said...

Bring on the manpris.