Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Squatters' rights

I got this off Wikipedia (so you KNOW it's true).

In common law, adverse possession is the process by which title to another's real property is acquired without compensation. Adverse possession is sometimes called "squatters' rights".

Exhibit A:

My old apartment. Everything is nearly moved out and in our new place.

Exhibit B:

The new tenant. She's moved in with all her essentials- cereal in a bag, fuzzy blanket, red sippy cup, and computer. Her new motto: "Hell no, I won't go!"


Amy said...

Come on, Kris. My evil twin has to live SOMEWHERE.

EMILY said...

She just has so many fond memories in that place. How can you make her leave? I want to come see your new place... do you need help with anything? I am are really good cleaner1

Whitney said...

hahaha, this is hilarious! i love you two. now this is the life of working at home...maybe you should keep you old place for your office?