Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thoughts at 1:15 am

These days, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Why do I always take on more than I can handle? I think I have a problem, but I'll leave that for another post. Instead, let's break it down.

I am loving

Birthday cake
Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm
Friends that visit from New York
Covering my nuts
Tickets to Hawaii
Craig's cooking
Emailing old friends
Looking forward to Oct 18
Focusing on the guys
Senior Financial Analysts
Halloween parties
Good phone calls

I am hating

Still being up
Working too much
(Some) programmers
Saying yes when I mean no
Not exercising

It helps me to think of things this way. There are always more pros than cons.*


Sue said...

I'm with you on moths...especially the pantry ones. (Those kind "go out only by fasting"...) Seriously, they cling to life like cockroaches!

I'm also with you on the saying "yes" when I mean "no" problem, though I've improved with age. (Now I'm more to the saying "table" when I mean "refrigerator" stage...)

Kinda worse, by the way.

NBlake said...

Well, you could always take Chandler's route and eat the moth for 10 bucks.

It is always good to keep in mind the pros. Cant wait for Oct. 18th.

Hang in there; saying no gets easier after enough of the saying yes times go by.

Still, there are always those times when saying yes just seems like the thing to do at the time; then later you are screaming no inside. That is when you take it a minute at a time and remember that it will all pass eventually after enough minutes go by.

So glad for Hawaii tickets. That is a big pro.

I love you.

Side of Jeffrey said...

What is Oct 18? Also, what nuts are you covering? Don't leave stuff like that up to my imagination.

Kristin, you know you would explode from bordom if you didn't take on more than you can handle.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

kristin -
I talked to your husband AGES ago, and we can never seem to get together for a double (and now I've got an enormous basketball on my stomach...) so we need to get together sooner than later.

I found your blog via Rob Adams. Sounds and looks like you guys are doing great. So glad to hear it!

Give Craig my best, and now I can blogstalk you guys! Huzzah. ;)


paul said...

I needed to make one of these lists pretty badly.

And then I read yours and was grateful by proxy.

Heather Anderson said...

Your pro is my con, I have been looking for something big enough to cover my nuts for years and have been unsuccessful.

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Add this to your pro list "Knowing that I am keeping my other lady execs sane".

Cover your nuts.


Heather Anderson said...

DId yo like Matt's comment via me??? I hate when he uses my ID like that LOL

Anyways that would have to be on my CON list but I guess I would put Matt on my PRO list as he did help with laundry this week because like you I have said yes to one too many things and had back to back church/school meetings all week! And I have been trying to be "creative" and have spent way too many hours on photoshop in the middle of the night when kids are asleep... so I LOVE your list idea and I may use it soon:) Cannot wait to see OCt 18th!